Why Choose APM Studio?

APM Studio is proud to offer you the highest quality product, fastest turn-around time, and best prices.

APM Studio is a family run business located in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. For over 12 years, we have put you, our customer, and your precious memories first.

As a leader in the media transfer industry, we offer the most competitve prices for our products and services.

All orders placed with APM Studio are transferred at our studio site by our professional technicians.

Each transfer is quality controlled by a human being using the highest quality equipment and materials to ensure professional results.

Upon completion, each individual order undergoes a Quality Assurance Check by one of our technicians to confirm the transfer was done completely.

If we are shipping your order back to you, APM Studio charges a low flat rate of $9.95 for return shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

All inquires about our products and services or order status updates are responded to pleasantly and personally within 12 hours; 95% of inquires are answered within 1 hour.

At APM Studio we are passionate about the care and detail we put into preserving your once-in-a-lifetime memories. It's our commitment to you, because we believe sharing your story with those you love should be simple, exciting, and affordable.

Compare APM Studio

APM Studio offers professional services, but most importantly personal services. Since all of our transfers are completed right here in our studio, we can address any issues immediately without having to go through alternate channels.

When you opt to transfer your memories with a "fast rate" company, your memories are shipped out from their location to a vendor that completes the work for them. Outsourcing your precious memories to an unknown company is something we are sure you would not want.

-Walmart has a VHS to DVD transfer service, but does not transfer your home movies in house.
-Costco converts film and photos to DVD, but does not have a guaranteed 2 week turnaround.
-CVS transfers home movies from VHS, Hi8, and videotapes to DVD, but does not offer personalized customer service of any kind.
-Walgreens preserves old videotapes and film reels to DVD, but does not have a Quality Guarantee on their work.
-Target offers MiniDV and Hi8 tape transfer service, but does not complete the conversion themselves.
-Rite Aid has a videotape conversion service, but takes anyhwere from 4 - 12 weeks to process your order.
-Ritz transfers photos and slides to DVD, but outsources your media elsewhere.
-Sams Club converts home movies, videotapes, and film reels to DVD, but does not digitally back up your media.
-Wolf Camera transfers photos and home movies to DVD, but does not guarantee your original tapes and photos will be returned to you.

Companies like these that outsource your memories cannot offer the same personal care and service we do at our studio. As outlined above, some common problems associated with companies like these that outsource their work include:

1. Extended turnaround times ranging from 4-12 weeks
2. No guarantee your original media will be returned in proper condition or even at all
3. No personal service - you have no idea who is actually working on your project
4. Second-rate transfers and products
5. No quality guarantee on your new DVDs

Our Quality Guarantee 

APM Studio is different because we genuinely care about you, your family, and your lifetime of memories. We are proud to offer you professional and punctual service for all your media transfer needs.

Each and every transfer is completed right here in our studio and monitored by our technicans from start to finish. 

All orders are completed with a guaranteed 3 week turnaround, as long as the capacity of your order allows for this time frame. 

We offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee if your media is damaged or unplayable. Please return both new and original media and we will re-transfer your order.*

*APM Studio will fix any error we are able with your transfer. There are circumstances in which deterioration over time or the way in which the original media was recorded that may not be able to be altered. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service department. We will answer you personally and promptly.