Photo Restoration

Paper photos easily degrade over time, losing their vibrancy and luster. You can still hold onto these snapshot memories with custom Photo Restoration Services from APM Studio.

Our photo technicians will carefully remove dust and scratches from the photo, re-touch your photo, remove red-eye, repair cracks or creases, and repair fading or discoloration. We can correct and enhance the color quality, repair severe tears, and remove any water damage or mold from your old photographs.

Your photo memories can also be manipulated by removing or adding background, people, or objects.

Product Highlights:

Preserve fading memories to their original appeal.

Remove dust or scratches, repair cracks or creases, repair fading or discoloration.

Additional enhancement techniques available for heavily damaged photos.

Excellent gift idea for any loved one, anytime of the year.

Restore old photo memories with professional Photo Restoration Services, today. Hold onto your favorite pastime memories and suprise a loved one with a memorable gift they will be forever thankful for.

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